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Sugar - Beaster

Hey, I started this community.

It grew out of an obsession I have with one EP. Sugar's Beaster. Sandwiched between the pop-hooks of Copper Blue and File Under:Easy Listening, Beaster was a monstrous, blazing screed about Jesus, Christians and faith. It was a tremendous EP.

But it sank -- the Husker Du fans didn't want to get burned by more crappy Bob Mould alterna-product, and the Sugar fans didn't know what to make of it. Still, songs like "Tilted" hold up with the best of Mould's Husker Du work -- with the added bonus of benefitting from the more tuneful and accessible nature of this band. Yeah, there's a little too much keyboard, a problem with all of Sugar's work. But even with this imperfection, it's still great.

I see it in used bins far too often. I always urge friends to buy it when I do. And now, I'm telling you. Beaster is perhaps the best thing Bob Mould did in his post-Husker Du career. it's no Zen Arcade but it's still a fantastic, angry, and honest piece of work. Give it a whirl.
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