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Unjustly Maligned or Ignored Records
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This is a community about records. It's about great records that have been lost to the mists of history or critical drubbing. But not records that should have been.

It grew out of my obsession with telling people about Sugar's Beaster EP and why everybody who cared about rock music in the 1990s needed to own a copy.

But there's a lot of records people need to hear more about. That's where you come in. Tell us what you love. Tell us why it's lost. BUT!

Call me a snob, but I don't wanna hear how (just as an example) Pretty Hate Machine is unjustly maligned. The Fragile maybe. Do you get the idea? This isn't a place to talk about cool records. It's a place to talk about LOST records.

Hate mail, comments, etc, go to redmenace.